Special Feature: Middle Grade Minded, a Brilliant Blog for MG Writers

I am thrilled to announce that I am now blogging for Middle Grade Minded. This is a blogging community dedicated to promoting writing craft for authors of middle grade fiction (fiction targeting the 8-12 year […]

Who Loves Crazy Cats…and Why?

I have two cats in my household with vastly different personalities. Oreo McFlurry lives up to his name. He’s sweet and everybody loves him. Unfortunately, Medusa lives up to her name, too. She’s a total […]

Monsters and Why We Love Them

Do you love monsters too much? You’re not alone. Humanity’s fascination with creepy crawlies that murder and maim extends back to Biblical times – the Behemoth and Leviathan. Remember Grendel from Beowulf? He showed up about […]

#LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas

Here’s a wonderful resource if you’re looking for simple, practical ways to bring joy to others and to experience some yourself this Christmas season. My family watched this video last night. Afterward, my teens peppered me […]

Top Five Writing Tasks for Fall 2016

So here’s a quick update on my writerly life. Summer with seven kids at home massively derailed my schedule. No surprises there, although somehow it surprises me every year. Now I’m back scribbling away while […]

Bioluminescence: Gorgeous Glowing Sea Creatures

One of my favorite aspects of writing is imagining incredible experiences, like watching a glittering swarm of bioluminescent krill or glowing jellyfish pulsing through the sea. These amazing creatures featured in The Spark Mage: A Sea Sprite Adventure are […]

Zedonks: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

The Zedonk Incident Ok, I don’t really think there’s a zedonk conspiracy to take over the world. Northern Arkansas, maybe, because that’s where I last saw them, but get real. A conspiracy? See, this is […]

Soul of a Cheetah is NOW LIVE!

Much Thanks! Much thanks to the wonderful people over at Sub-Saharan Magazine: The Nigerian Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for publishing my short story, Soul of a Cheetah. The story is live on their website […]

Welcome Back to the Wizarding World!

Last weekend my husband and I watched The 5th Wave for date night. It was a thrill, to be sure. Aliens who look like humans, plagues, tsunamis…what more could anyone want?

My 2016 Writing Goals (ambitious, but that’s how I roll)

So, I ran across a blog where a writer posted their stats for the year and thought–what an awesome idea! Only, I decided to post my goals up front, to put it out there so the world […]