Welcome Back to the Wizarding World!

Last weekend my husband and I watched The 5th Wave for date night. It was a thrill, to be sure. Aliens who look like humans, plagues, tsunamis…what more could anyone want?

Top Ten Fantasy Flicks for Lazy Summer Nights

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer freedom. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some fantasy faves! Princess Bride—“As you wish….” Yep, that what’s DH should be saying. Avengers marathon. Thor. Lots of Thor. Star Trek: […]

The Heart of a Wanderer

Tolkien’s right, not all those who wander are lost. I remind my husband of this fact every time my directions lead us down some unplanned road. Literally or metaphorically. Planning is great. The best laid […]

Be the Hero of Your Own Story: Here’s How

SPOILER ALERT: Secrets from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are revealed in this post!!  What does it mean to be a hero? Anyone can be a hero, from the smallest child to the frailest […]

Four Great Take-Aways from Seventh Son

Any good fantasy film ought to do more than just entertain you. It should whisk you into a new world, leave you breathless, bold, and believing you can rise and conquer in your own, all […]