Fun Flashback-Tips and Traditions for Amazing Reunions!

With summer around the corner (okay, maybe that’s a little wishful thinking), I decided this was a great time to flash back to a family reunion post. If you haven’t started planing yet, now’s the time! So grab […]

When to Leave the Beaten Path and When to Stay

Recently I hiked Falcon Hill in Mesa, AZ, with my cousin Dina. It’s a fun climb, with meandering trails that disappear amid cacti , boulders, and loose gravel. There’s really no wrong way to the […]

Family Camping Fun–Spooks, Pranks and Meaning

  As the weather cools, bugs all over the countryside run for cover. Unfortunately, so do many of us! What better time for us apex predators to trek out into the woods? No mosquitos to […]

Tips and Traditions for Amazing Family Reunions

Set the dates well in advance so family members can plan, scheduling off work and saving funds as needed. Sites large enough to accommodate a reunion must often be scheduled 6-12 months ahead of time. […]

Welcome to Girls Camp-the Braid Capitol of the World

I’ve spent the past few days in the braid capital of the world—girls camp. From zigzagging waterfall braids tied back in on top of themselves to side braids, fishtails and more, the girls raised the […]