Interview with Abaddon, Notorious leader of the Pacific Ring

Interview with Abaddon by Amphitrite Seadaughter, defender of mages My old adversary trails his fingers in a pool of lava, shuddering with pleasure as he soaks in the power of the earth before swimming to […]

Kailani Veil: Victim or Villain?

Interview by Mr. Archibald Wright, Professor of Ethics For the sake of convenience, and my own comfort, I’ve arranged to meet Kailani in the Grunt Guild, the elite club on the topmost floor of the […]

Amphitrite Seadaughter: Defender of Mages

Warm water rocks against Amphitrite Seadaughter, known to most as Headmistress Tritey. She sweeps her streaky hair away from her face and waits for my questions. We’ve met at a bistro at the foothills of […]

A favorite character from my underwater fantasy novel

“In through the mouth, out through the gills,” Kailey muttered as she swam across campus. She didn’t need the reminder, of course. Breathing water came naturally to her, much easier than sucking dry air. Still, […]

Underwater Fantasy Excerpt: In Her Element

The first night of mage school Kailey went to bed early, feeling exhausted. But she couldn’t sleep. Instead, she lay in her bunk, brooding. Some luminescent mage had painted graffiti on the ceiling.  Go home, […]