Gypsy Moon Excerpt: The Doomkeeper

Rocks pelt us from behind, stinging our backs through our thin clothes. A speck of blood blooms on Glory’s shirt. We dart into the woods, around a thicket of brambles, with the shouts of our […]

The Princess, the Pillow and Me

Something flicks in front of my face. It takes all my concentration, but I resist the urge to bite it. I know it’s my tail. Attacking it will only hurt. Princess Awendela, my current tenderling, […]

True Treasure Under the Sea (a short story)

Flora’s gills flapped against her neck—why was Gemma taking so long? Vipers and water demons were only a splash away. Still, her friend knelt beside her, quiet as a conch, probing the soil. If Flora […]

When Shock Mages Attack

  Surviving the Deeps Life-saving tips on Fighting Shock Mages ** For reasons beyond our control, we are unable to rule out loss of life or limbs ** First and foremost, avoid contact with angry shock […]

Underwater Fantasy Excerpt: In Her Element

The first night of mage school Kailey went to bed early, feeling exhausted. But she couldn’t sleep. Instead, she lay in her bunk, brooding. Some luminescent mage had painted graffiti on the ceiling.  Go home, […]