Three Tips: How Not to be Eaten Undersea

So here’s the deal. You’re stuck undersea with only your wits to keep you alive. You know how to evade Rusalka, how to battle shock mages, how to escape volcanoes. We’ve covered what to eat […]

What to Eat Undersea

Surviving the Deeps returns today with a much-anticipated post about what to eat if you’re stranded (or visiting) undersea. The possibilities are endless, so we’ll focus on a few favorites for sprites and humans alike. […]

5 Things Never to Eat Undersea

So, you’re hiding  undersea. Maybe you’re running from some watery form of the mafia. Or a hammerhead shark. Or maybe, like many sprites and humans before you, you just like it here. But at some […]

How to Survive an Underwater Volcano

If you ever have the misfortune of being cast into an underwater volcano, here’s what you should do. First, take note whether the volcano is dormant or active. In most cases, this is easy to […]

Taming Taurocamps and other Magical Monsters

If you’ve never ridden a bellowing, snorting taurocamp through the Pacific, you’ve never lived. There’s nothing like reining in the power of a magical beast as you sail in and out of kelp forests, over […]