Cool Cat Name Contest: Enter Now!

Looks like trouble!

Looks like trouble!

In the spirit of all things wise and wonderful, we’ve adopted a stray puppy. She’s a border collie mix. We think. And I agreed to keep her on one condition. Well, two, actually. Two kittens, to be exact. Hence the contest, but more about that later.

Our family tradition is to arm wrestle to decide on names. Okay, that’s not exactly true. We submit names and take a vote. For the dog, our top three were

  1. Bellatrix (Trixie)
  2. She Who Must Not Be Named (Since it took us a month to decide!)
  3. Stormy (Her mama left her on our back porch during a storm.)

Soon Trixie will be the proud big sister to two fluffy kittens. (Hooray! Yippeee! Cat ladies unite!!)


Bring on the kitties!

I realize this is only one kitten, but we don’t actually have them yet. Only this single pic…I can hardly stand the anticipation!!

Drake is reading the Warrior Cats series

Our family is in desperate need of your help. We need names and we need ‘em bad. Cool names for our cool cats. So here’s the deal. We’re holding a contest. Whoever submits a winning name will receive glory, laud, and honor here on this website and on facebook and twitter. But wait—the deal gets sweeter. Winners also receive a signed photograph of the kittens! (Ooooh! Aaaaaahhhhh!)

For the best chance at winning, keep in mind we are a freakishly sci-fi/fantasy family with a couple normal family members who like sports. (This is the cat lady’s perspective, of course. And when I say cat lady, it’s possible I’m revealing my super-powerful alter ego. Just don’t tell anyone.)

So get those creative juices going!! Submit your entries in the comments below. The crazier the better! As a side note, I’m sorry to announce we have not yet found a dragon.


  • RHRoberts

    Names entered so far via Facebook: Cleopatra (Allison A.) and sea sprite names from my book (Debra R.)

  • Jerry Father-of Joy Hutchins

    After rejecting ‘Cat1’ and ‘Cat2’ as possibilities, I’m thinking you could go with ‘Tigger’ and ‘Hair’ (short for Hairball). Then you could call them by yelling ‘Hair Tigger’, ‘Hair Tigger’ and you’ll sound like… Well, try it. Once you have narrowed the options down to three or four for each beast you should let them choose their own name by wrapping a treat in a piece of paper with the name on it and letting them chose.

  • RHRoberts

    Dad, you are so hilarious. Hair Tigger just might win this thing! I love the idea of letting the little monsters choose their own names. That’s what we’ll do if we end up with a tie!

  • RHRoberts

    New submissions via Facebook: Chairman Meow or something Mexican (Allison A.), Ender (Linda R.–submitted with threats lol)