Excellent Writing Tool

This week I’ve been up to my ears studying Mary Kole’s new book, “Writing Irresistible Kidlit.” This book provides tons of guidance and brainstorming exercises for middle grade and young adult novelists. In my opinion, it is a must-read for budding MG and YA writers (as well as those of us who have been writing a loooong time and still are figuring it out!).

It covers a wide array of useful topics including the MG and YA mindset, complex character development, theme development, plot pacing and structure, and how to snag an agent. As I’ve worked through Kole’s characterization exercises, I’ve learned tons about my characters (who I thought I already knew!).

My latest discovery is that my determined, loving, but insecure protagonist won’t steal things, but she will happily borrow (without permission) with the intent to return later. What fun that I now know that!
Mary Kole’s MG and YA writing blog is also a great help. http://www.kidlit.com

What character or plot discoveries have tickled your fancy while reading or writing a novel?

  • I would love to write, but barely have time to blog! I love reading Young Adult Fiction. I have always been interested in it, even when I was too young to understand it. Go figure?!
    Followed you over from the UBC.


  • Thanks so much for the follow, Jessica! I hope you enjoy the blog 🙂