Family Camping Fun–Spooks, Pranks and Meaning


As the weather cools, bugs all over the countryside run for cover. Unfortunately, so do many of us! What better time for us apex predators to trek out into the woods? No mosquitos to bat away, no sweat dripping down our backs, and no tick-checks or chigger bites to discover when we return home.

Fall is perfect for camping and hiking (and hunting—if you really get into that predator bit!). What could be better than huddling around a campfire, roasting hot dogs or toasting marshmallows? I’ll tell you—scaring the bejeebers out of the person standing next to you, especially if they’re you’re kiddo!

It’s best to start out with creepy stories, maybe something out of Tolkien or a nice reading of Lord Voldemorts’ revivification ceremony. Or whip out your one of your old favorites, such as The Golden Arm. Then have someone snap branches in the woods or jump out of the shadows with a shout!

Honestly, I’m not one for anything too frightening or gory and I certainly don’t want to give my kids nightmares or send them screaming into the tents. That only results in wet, smelly sleeping bags and weeks of munchkins trying to climb in my bed at night. But a fun little prank or a campfire story that makes our hair stand on end, well, that’s what family camping is all about. That, and building memories and family bonds that will last a lifetime.

What are some of your favorite campfire stories and pranks?

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