Four Great Take-Aways from Seventh Son

Seventh Son

Seventh Son

Any good fantasy film ought to do more than just entertain you.

It should whisk you into a new world, leave you breathless, bold, and believing you can rise and conquer in your own, all too real, life. Seventh Son, while heavy on violence and light on meaningful relationships, still manages to convey an inspiring message.

At the beginning, we join Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges) and his young apprentice in a fight against a vengeful witch determined to destroy humanity. Their journey takes us through medieval towns and breathtaking country vistas to treacherous mountains where they battle dragons and assassins. They find that love twisted to darkness can do great evil, while love uncorrupted makes allies of would-be enemies. The film deals with issues of duty, sacrifice, courage, and betrayal.

Here are my favorite quotes from the movie:

“All you ever need is inside you. Just don’t be afraid to look.”

“With a little help, most of life’s curses can be a gift.”

“When you deal with dark, dark gets in you.”

“Empty your heart of grief. Fill it with courage.”

I love collecting quotes, saving them for just the right moment to share with a friend or to post somewhere in my house.

What are some of your favorite fantasy quotes?