Hectic Holiday Cheer

This is a very busy and festive week for me and my family. One of my daughters played the role of Annabelle (Ariel equivalent) in her school’s production of Little Mermaid. My other daughter is performing in a Medieval Feast and Christmas Concert this weekend, while two or our sons will be marching with the school band in several parades, and a third has a basketball game on Monday. Thank goodness our youngest child is not involved in much yet!
Yep. You counted right. Six wonderful, demanding, delightful (did I mention demanding?) children! As you can imagine, the Christmas season is hectic for me, between kid’s activities and programs, work, hosting visiting family, hosting church youth group activities, shopping for my humongous family. And trying to fit in writing. That isa priority for me, right? Definitely.
I may not be able to write as often or for as long as I’d like during this time of year, but I find that when I do write, I’m a little calmer and better equipped to tackle (cough), I mean enjoy, the holiday cheer. This really is one of my favorite times of year.
How do you carve out time for yourself (and your sanity!) in the busy holidays?