Is that an Army Man in my Chandelier?

GI Joe's hot new home

GI Joe’s hot new home

Children suck us into their fantasy worlds, willing or not. From the pixie dust on my kitchen counters to the dinosaurs in my Christmas tree, a world of wonder (and mayhem!) awaits. And yes, there really is an army man stuck in my chandelier.

Here’s how it happened:

 Look out below….time to dive-bomb the enemy!
(Clatter, smack—toys fall from the catwalk)
(That’s my son’s sound effects. Apparently mine sound like exploding marshmallows.)
Run for cover, the planes are coming!
Oh no…GI Joe didn’t make it!
(a burst of giggles as little heads look up at the chandelier.)

“Mom, look! There’s an army man stuck up there.”

I don’t know how we’ll get him down. We still haven’t figured out how to change the light bulbs. They’re closer to heaven than I am. I decide to leave GI Joe stranded. He makes me laugh and probably won’t start a fire.

I hope.

And so the years pass. Matchbox cars speed down stairs. Stocking are hung, taken down, hung again. Filled with newer, older toys. Electronics instead of dinosaurs. Princesses dance across thresholds.

Life moves on.

Meanwhile, Joe watches from army heaven. Sometimes I wish I could see what he’s seen, the ages that continue to pass with the relentless march of time.

Echoes the past.
My halls ring with laughter.
Pattering feet today cannot stay.
They’re replaced by empty silence.
Sticky bodies will descend on my home once again—
Grandchildren, family, friends
Will break out the glitter and army men.

  • Jerry Father-of Joy Hutchins

    Gosh, I never realized the ‘child’ value of the catwalk. My GI Joe experiences were confind to digging trenches in Georgia red clay and blasting them with my BB gun-no remaments for the kitchen!

    • RHRoberts

      Ya, we’ve got all kinds of parachuters jumping off that catwalk. No kids so far, thank heavens! Love ya dad 🙂