Life Lessons from the Sea #4: Let your Light Shine

One of the great beauties of nature is the play of light on the sea. Last weekend, my family went to the lake. We splashed and swam, laughed and played, but in the end, as the sun went down, we enjoyed the simple glory of light streaming across the water. A sense of peace and fullness stole over me. What could be better than watching the sun set over water with my family?
Back at home, on windy days, I often spy the sun glittering on the lake behind our house. I’m usually busy, cooking, cleaning, writing, chasing children, but at some point, I pass by the window and see the shimmering reflection. My breath catches in my throat. I dash through the house and call for everyone to come and see. It’s just so beautiful.
Light is exquisite on its own. It brings us warmth and the ability to see. It casts intriguing shadows and amazing colors. When reflected by the sea, its brilliance multiplies.
This is true with human nature as well. As we journey through life, we encounter light in many forms—knowledge, affection, enthusiasm, hope. When we reflect that light, we share it with others. We become like the sea, a thing of beauty.
Who has reflected light in your life and how would you like to thank them?

  • You are such a blessing to your family, and an inspiration to me.

  • Thank you Ann! I feel the same about you. I look forward to seeing you in July 🙂