Life Lessons from the Sea #5: Smooth sailing and course corrections

Ocean currents circle the globe, carrying warm water in some places, cool in others. They are consistent enough that ocean liners hitch rides on them to reach their destination ahead of schedule. Sometimes life is like this, smooth sailing, when our course is true and currents seem to speed us along.
But this is not always so. At times, we may be whirled off course by hobbies or distractions, even responsibilities. Sometimes our competing interests act as riptides, where counter currents meet, creating violent turbulence, making progress impossible.
The ocean is malleable, shifting and changing at all times. Its deep rivers often run in the opposite direction of the shallow flows directly overhead. But despite changing tides and conflicting currents, the Gulf Stream, the North Pacific Drift, the West Australian Current and more, continue their journey. As must we, amid course corrections and interesting side trips.
What are some of your favorite hobbies or side trips in life? How do you balance these with your goals and responsibilities?