Monsters and Why We Love Them

Do you love monsters too much? You’re not alone. Humanity’s fascination with creepy crawlies that murder and maim extends back to Biblical times – the Behemoth and Leviathan. Remember Grendel from Beowulf? He showed up about a thousand years before the time of Christ. And the monsters in Greek and Roman mythology are legendary…Cyclops, Hydra, Sphynx, just to name a few.

Maybe we create monster tales to explain strange natural phenomena. Or they could be a warped way to keep kids from wandering off in the woods or drowning in lakes. I love scary stories (just not toooo scary, right?) because they make real life not seem so tough. A brave hero battles a daunting foe, overcoming impossible odds? Now that’s the kind of inspiration we need to tackle work, school, or a mountain of unwashed dishes (Yup, that’s what’s I’m facing tomorrow morning). So, instead of dreading the dishes, let’s dive undersea and meet a few of my favorite monsters, featured in my underwater fantasy novel, The Spark Mage.


These sea demons are related to the fosse grim of Scandinavian folklore. They wreak havoc on unsuspecting sea sprites (think human, but able to breathe water – I wish I could do that!). They enchant their prey with music and lure them to their doom.


Credit: Kou Art

Credit: Kou Art

This little lady may not look like much of a monster, but this is a trick the rusalka use to keep you off guard. Look innocent, even helpless, then pounce. Behind that pretty face is an evil mind and a set of very sharp teeth.

Giant squid: this dude is real

Longer than a school bus, with eyes the size of hub caps, the giant squid catches its prey (in this case, a sperm whale – talk about ambitious!) using its long, muscular, tentacles. The downside for the whale? Hundreds of sharp-toothed suckers line the tentacles. Yikes! Due to the squid’s massive eye size, it can spot prey in dark waters with ease. But don’t worry if you plan to swim in the ocean, the giant squid lives deep underwater and is rarely seen.

Flesh-eating coral

This is a twist on something that actually exists in our grand ocean: coral that eat fish. And who knows what other flesh they’d eat, given the chance, especially if we swim deep enough. But hey, life’s full of risks, right? Just don’t swim too close to the coral.

What do you love about monsters or scary stories? Comment below!