My 2016 Writing Goals (ambitious, but that’s how I roll)

So, I ran across a blog where a writer posted their stats for the year and thought–what an awesome idea! Only, I decided to post my goals up front, to put it out there so the world can hold me accountable (dangerous, I know, but motivating too 🙂 ).

The post I read tracked word counts, which I considered doing, too. But I decided that with editing and cuts, that would be more work than it was worth. Much more motivating for me is the finished product. You’ll note I’ve set writing and submitting goals. That’s what I have control over. Publication…well, that’s a bit more tricky. But the only way to get there is to write, write, write and submit, submit, submit.

So if you see me with inky fingers or a carpal tunnel brace, just give me a wink and tell me to keep on writing!

My plan for the year:

  • 48 short stories/30 submissions (24 flash fiction, 24 short fiction)
  • Finish revising and submit novel variously titled Sparks, The Trident’s Curse, Underwater Witness, etc., etc.
  • Plot and write 1 new novel
  • Teach 2 creative writing classes (six weeks long)
  • 2 poems (should be manageable lol)
  • 24 blog posts

Stats thus far:

Short Stories

DNR (flash–submitted)

Part of Me (1600 words–submitted)

It’s Only Natural (8400 words–submitted)

The Sound of Their Wings (6400 words–first draft, working title)

The Music (flash–first draft, working title)


The Spark Mage ( 1/3 of the way through final, final (really final) revision)

Classes: 0

Poems: 0

Blog Posts: 3

Here’s to great writing in 2016!