Press Release: New Book Coming out for R. H. Roberts and Mechel Wall!

So…I received some fabulous news recently. I was on a trip to Hawaii with my husband’s brothers and sisters and their spouses.

Plus Grandma came along with one of her friends. We had a great time driving up and down the coast, hiking to waterfalls along the Na Pali coast, biking along the coast, and swimming…you guessed it, at the coast.

Did I mention we loved the coast? The green mountains were spectacular, too. We even got to fly over the falls filmed for Jurassic Park, complete with theme music piped into our headphones.

We laughed, we played. The company was great. I couldn’t imagine anything to add extra joy (and a thrill!) to the trip. Until I received a text and follow-up email from my writing partner, Mechel Wall.

The novel we wrote together last year will be published and released in 2018!

Cedar Fort Publishing, out of Springville, UT, has picked up our book. Needless to say, I spent much of the trip scrambling for internet sources so I could sign the contract. Can I just say, sign the contract” one more time! It’s such a lovely phrase.

I can’t think of any better way to receive such wonderful news than when I was surrounded by family. They were stellar, loving, cheering, and patting me on the back the whole week long. Sigh (of joy)…

I called my family back on the mainland and shared the news. My oldest daughter, Amanda, (who lives in Utah), quickly realized this might mean more trips for me out in her direction (Hooray!). After sharing my excitement, I spent the rest of the week cramming in title and book cover brainstorming sessions at the beach. Once we have the official title, I will announce it here!

Now I’m back home, fresh from a marketing meeting, with my brain about to explode. Then I’m off to polish up my bio and come up with a new author photo…ahhh the drama of a debut author’s life (Squeee!).


  • Melissa Lopez


    • RHRoberts

      Thanks Missy! Now I can join you as a published author!

  • Doris Degner-Foster

    Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you!! I want to read it!! 😀