Special Feature: Middle Grade Minded, a Brilliant Blog for MG Writers

I am thrilled to announce that I am now blogging for Middle Grade Minded. This is a blogging community dedicated to promoting writing craft for authors of middle grade fiction (fiction targeting the 8-12 year old age group). Think Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Wish Stealers, etc.

I stumbled upon this blog when searching for tips on how to write a query. There I found an excellent article by Melyssa Mercado as well as a useful blogroll containing some of my favorite writing blogs. I was soon up to my eyeballs reading through their past posts, some focusing on the persistence it takes to succeed in writing. It’s great stuff.

Middle Grade Minded features articles on publishing, imagination, the writing experience, as well as posts on improving our storytelling skills. It is a great site for beginners as well as experienced writers. I’m honored to join the team. Check out my first post at Middle Grade Minded (Why I Write Middle Grade) by clicking on the image below.

Thanks for reading!

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