Surviving the Deeps: How to Survive a Rusalka Attack

Our Surviving the Deeps guarantee: We provide the safest, most risk-free environment for deep-sea exploration, treasure-hunting, and monster observation. Please see exclusions below.

Learning to resist Rusalka is vital for any undersea adventurer. When swimming deep in the Pacific, or any other ocean, for that matter, you may find yourself face-to-face with a host of hungry ghouls such as Rusalka.

They may seem friendly enough, admiring your braids or your brawny muscles, but don’t be fooled. These lovely demons will eat you if given a chance. I know, I know, they’ll tell a sob story first, anything to lure you in. They were beaten with licorice or maybe bullied by bears and had to escape to the sea (and death). It’s sad, no doubt about it, but don’t let your guard down. We can assure you, they won’t.

You’ll know they’re moving in for the kill when they start swaying in unison, their long white hair drifting back and forth in a hypnotic way. Then their eyes go dark (or sometimes blinding white, just to mix things up) and they pounce!

The key is to interrupt these mesmerizing movements before they enchant you into being easy prey. How to do this? Light. Rusalka can’t bear even the thought of a life in daylight. But how do you find light so deep undersea? If you’ve forgotten to bring a luminescent mage or a friendly shocker, your best bet is to catch some bioluminescent jellyfish or krill. These are plentiful in the Pacific and not nearly as tough to trap as lanternfish, who are actually trying to trap you. Another option is to bring along a mind mage who may trick the Rusalka into thinking they are being scorched by the sun. They’ll back off right away.

Surviving the Deeps accepts no responsibility for enchantment, hypnosis, death or dismemberment, whether by Rusalka or other underwater beasties such as the Leviathan or Voodoo Demons.

Upcoming lesson: How to Fight a Shock Mage

Until then, swim free, dive deep, and stay alive!!

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