Who Loves Crazy Cats…and Why?

I have two cats in my household with vastly different personalities. Oreo McFlurry lives up to his name. He’s sweet and everybody loves him. Unfortunately, Medusa lives up to her name, too. She’s a total […]

Cool Cat Name Contest: Enter Now!

In the spirit of all things wise and wonderful, we’ve adopted a stray puppy. She’s a border collie mix. We think. And I agreed to keep her on one condition. Well, two, actually. Two kittens, […]

The Princess, the Pillow and Me

Something flicks in front of my face. It takes all my concentration, but I resist the urge to bite it. I know it’s my tail. Attacking it will only hurt. Princess Awendela, my current tenderling, […]

Killer Campout

This fiendish creature kept me up all Friday night. We were camping out back by the pond (can anyone say brrrrr? It got down to the low thirties!). For the first time in our long […]