Life Lessons from the Sea #13: The Music of Memory

Conch shell photo from flickr by queenie13 In my home I have two giant conch shells. One, my Omama and Opapa gave me many years ago. The other I brought home from the Bahamas. I’d […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #12: Loss, while painful, can still bring joy

My daughter is getting married in less than three months, which pretty much has me freaking out, running around in circles, and using all my creative juices figuring out how to stretch my dollars into […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #11: Ten Tips for Surviving Family Vacations

The ocean is a great place to build unity and trust. Even vacationers, swimming in the surf, keep an eye out for those around them. On a recent trip to Mexico with several families, we […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #10: Man-o-war stings and home remedies

Man-o-war we caught I love to go snorkeling. Sure, I swallow a bit of saltwater now and then. And the tossing sea sometimes make me feel like I’m gonna toss my breakfast. But it’s worth […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #9: Hold fast

The sea teems with life, movement and change. What better place to celebrate the fourth of July? This year we joined some friends on their new boat to watch fireworks from a barge. We arrived […]