Walk on the Wild Side in Arizona

I’m a huge fan of adventure, much like the great Bilbo Baggins, who loved adventure despite his claims to the contrary. I love to see thrilling new places, whether through movies, novels, travel, or my own […]

Find Sanctuary from Stress

Do you ever feel the need to escape? I know I do. Yesterday, when I was scrambling to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere, my stress level soared through the roof. I’d tried to plan and […]

Do We Dare to Dream?

Interstellar launches us into a dust-covered, depleted world where humanity’s only hope for survival lies in the skies. With crops failing due to drought and blight, it’s only a matter of time before the human […]

Do More Than Just Honor a Veteran

This week I attended a Veterans Day assembly at my children’s elementary school. Needless to say, I cried through the whole thing. Sometimes I think I’m a water faucet, primed and ready for the slightest […]

How Far Would You Go to Control Someone Else?

Have you ever witnessed someone in a downward spiral, ruining their own life with bad habits and worse decisions? It makes you want to grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them. They’d […]