Welcome to Girls Camp-the Braid Capitol of the World

I’ve spent the past few days in the braid capital of the world—girls camp. From zigzagging waterfall braids tied back in on top of themselves to side braids, fishtails and more, the girls raised the craft of plaiting hair to pure art, with the added bonus of freedom from sweaty manes and irritating flyaway hairs. Here’s a few pics highlighting some of my faves. See if you can spot my braids, courtesy of my friend April.




We had a great time with the girls, chanting camp cheers, canoeing, crafting, and staying up late around the camp fire (or the charcoal grill when the soggy logs refused to light!).









One of my favorite times was the “Night of Lights” when we gathered in a dark clearing, each holding a candle. As each group sang, they shared their flames with the next, until the music and light spread around the circle. When candles blew out, neighboring girls relit them. I loved the symbolism of sharing hope, joy and friendship.




As much as I loved all the skits, the swimming, and the fun, the best part was seeing our girls strengthen their values as they deepened relationships with each other, new friends, and the leaders.

What do you love about camping?

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  • What a beautiful bunch of young women!

  • Thanks for the link-I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful braids and the fun you had. Good times:))

  • There’s a cutie I know in that pic 😉

  • Is there any other pics of Kayrin that’s not on the blog??

  • I wanna go!! 😀

  • Kimmie, I will post all I’ve got on Facebook soon. I’ve gotta crop a few. I know there’s one that has Kayrin in it that also has someone else adjusting their swimsuit lol