Woodland Wildflowers

purple winter weedsAs promised, here’s a picture of the purple weeds that carpeted my lawn this spring. They’re long gone now. But wildflowers have sprung up all over our woods. I love seeing the shifting face of the wild. Bare branches and dried leaves one day, lime green seedlings the next, followed by an ever-changing march of flowers. Here’s a few of the beauties I’ve discovered over the past few weeks.

Purple flowers with spiky leavesI caught a pic of these purple pretties just before my sons crushed them while dragging dead branches out of the woods. I think they’ll bounce back with new blooms soon!

Red wildflowers

I risked my life to snap a photo of these dainty red flowers. They grow in clumps along our wooded driveway, but this thick grouping was down a steep hill. So worth the climb!


Small yellow wildflowers

Ethereal pale yellow flowers pop up here and there in our meadows. Here’s a cheery cluster along a barbed-wire fence. For the most part, the cattle and deer leave these alone, unlike the pansies in my garden beds!


wild roses

Wild roses climb up the trees on the west side of our driveway, making a perfect home for fairies, pixies and sprites. I like to imagine them hiding among the leaves, twining the flowers in their hair or using their nectar in magic potions and spells.

Sunny flowers


These sunny blossoms are just waiting to explode into bloom along my jogging trail. What a great incentive for me to head out on a morning run (or walk…that way I can really take my time and enjoy nature. That’s my excuse anyway!)

What do you love about the great outdoors?


  • Jerry Father-of Joy Hutchins

    Great pictures and descriptions of the flowers and where they are! I can’t wait to get out and do some hiking here in the mountains that are also filled with wild flowers.

    • RHRoberts

      Be sure to take some pictures. I love seeing mountain wildflowers.

  • I love nature and the out of doors. Like I find I’m fascinated with flowers, birds, leaves, paths that lead to somewhere. This will be fun reading your blog and getting to know you through your writing.

    • RHRoberts

      Thanks Letty! I’m looking forward to getting to know you too 🙂