Writing Seminar

Last week, I workshopped my middle grade underwater fantasy novel through William Bernhardt’s Level 3 Intensive Writing Seminar. What a great week it was. We focused on our book endings, reviewed each others’s work and revised, revised, revised. Needless to say, I had more than a few late nights. You’d think we’d look exhausted, but we’re so happy with our progress!

I learned so much and gained great insights from Bill and my other writer friends. What a great way to spend the week. During the three-hour drive home, I brainstormed ideas for my website (in progress) and tied down loose plot threads. Now I’m tightening up the middle of my novel in preparation for pitching to agents at the OWFI conference in early May.

Writing can be an all-consuming passion. I’m grateful for the patience of my family and friends when my thoughts are swimming through the Pacific Ocean or soaring over Terovelian Peaks.

What hobbies or work do you feel passionate about and why?

  • Painting, Dream work, writing. I’ve always loved painting and color. Whispering or boldly sloshing a brush full of color is very sensual. Writing because I am a wordsmith and love dancing with the thesaurus. Dream work for the deep demystifying experience of connecting the dots.

  • The boys and I are visiting this summer for a week. Wanna do Little Blue (Disney) one of those hot, hot days?