R.H. Roberts in front of Hubbard Glacier--amazing!

R.H. Roberts in front of Hubbard Glacier–amazing!

I am the mother of seven wonderful, busy kids. When I was pregnant with our youngest, I decided I needed something to preserve my sanity. So I started writing. What a fabulous idea! My writing has transported me to whole new worlds, testing my patience and determination. I love it.

I’m a big fan of adventure so I travel every chance I can (40 states and 15 countries so far).

My favorite things to do on trips: try speaking foreign languages, explore cool castles and cathedrals, see amazing animals, experience new cultures, taste strange food, anything active (zip-line, snorkel, SCUBA, hike, bike, etc.)

My hubby and I celebrated our 20th anniversary by cruising to Alaska with seven awesome couples. We kayaked with whales, took pics of bald eagles, and screamed ourselves hoarse pointing out dolphins behind the ship. Great stuff to share with friends and family and hopefully squeeze into a novel someday.

R. H. Roberts and her sweetheart, Matt

Renee and her husband, Matt

Some of my faves: playing with my kids, swimming, running through sprinklers, snuggling my cat, reading, playing piano, watching meteor showers, eating treats, going places I’ve never been before (especially with my sweetheart!).

R.H. Roberts is the award-winning author of  The Spark Mage: a Sea Sprite Adventure, Soul of a Cheetah, and Jellica’s Pot of Gold

Awards and Publications

2016 Soul of a Cheetah, published in Sub-Saharan Magazine

2015 Life as a Goddess, published in Metamorphose

2015 Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc (OWFI) Creme de la Creme

2015 OWFI 1st place Juvenile Short Story

2014 OWFI 2nd place Middle Grade Novel

2013 OWFI 1st place Juvenile Short Story