You Don’t Need to Take First Place to Win

The first time I wrestled a cheetah, I ended up pinned to the floor with a hundred pound cat drooling on my face. Let me just note—eau de rotting antelope is not my favorite perfume. The second […]

Proud to be Walking!

Today, when I drove to Wal-mart, I did not park in the closest spot. In fact, I giggled as I passed it by. That’s because I can finally walk! I’d always taken walking for granted, until I tore out my […]

Parenting Payday

Last year, my oldest daughter graduated from high school. I felt such a jumble of feelings I could hardly sort them out. Pride—well, of course. She’s done an amazing job. Shock—not that she made it, […]

Joy now

This morning as I jogged down our winding driveway, conflicts chased each other through my mind. Weighty matters such as politics or concern for my children vied against silly worries like what to make for […]