Writing Prompts for Kids



Use these writing prompts to inspire short stories, poetry, or essays. If you’re writing short stories, remember they need a main character who has a goal. What stands in their way? How do they overcome it?

Happy writing!

Dreamcatcher. Someone gives you a dreamcatcher. Why do they give it to you? Does it really catch your dreams? What do you do with your dreams when you catch them?




dragon photoDragon. What happens when a dragon shows up at school? Does it make friends? Does it get to learn? Is it a mean dragon or a nice one?



light switch photoLight Switch. Your main character flips the light switch, but instead of turning the light on, something very strange happens instead. What is it? Why? How will this affect your character?




sports photoSports. If you could make up a crazy, new sport, what would it be? What kind of people would play it? Would they need any special talents? Work these ideas into a story.



Music photoMusic. You wake up and your house is full of music. What kind of music is it? Happy? Scary? Does it make you want to dance? Where is it coming from?