Writing Prompts


Use these writing prompts to wake up your inner Muse! Create stories, reflective essays, poetry or whatever your Muse desires. Happy writing!

cooking photoCooking. A significant person in your main character’s life finds a spell book with recipes that can change their relationship. Do they give it a try? What do they want to change? Does it work? Is there fallout from trying to change things this way?


plants photoGreen Thumb. Some say it’s useful to have a green thumb. But maybe not if your thumb is literally green. What happened to make it that way? Is it a permanent change? Are there special powers that come with it?


time travel photoTime Travel. If you or your main character could travel back in time and change one thing, what would that be? Would it be worth the risk of time travel? How would the change affect the future? How can you work this into a story? Can your protagonist actually travel through time, even if it’s only once? Or do they suffer, wishing they could?


machines photoMachines. How could machines replace something in your character’s life? Would it make life easier or more complicated? What would happen when the machine breaks down?




machines photoWind. What would happen if we could harness the wind and ride storms around the world? Would people want to travel that way? Why or why not? What would be the complications of that sort of travel. How would that affect the airplane industry?