My 2016 Writing Goals (ambitious, but that’s how I roll)

So, I ran across a blog where a writer posted their stats for the year and thought–what an awesome idea! Only, I decided to post my goals up front, to put it out there so the world […]

Inspiring Star Wars Quotes

With the coming of the New Year, many of us are evaluating our lives and considering the dreaded New Years Resolutions. Resolutions tend to freak me out, so I take more of a goal-setting twist. […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #5: Smooth sailing and course corrections

Ocean currents circle the globe, carrying warm water in some places, cool in others. They are consistent enough that ocean liners hitch rides on them to reach their destination ahead of schedule. Sometimes life is […]

Parenting Payday

Last year, my oldest daughter graduated from high school. I felt such a jumble of feelings I could hardly sort them out. Pride—well, of course. She’s done an amazing job. Shock—not that she made it, […]