Life Lessons from the Sea #7: Seek Shelter from Storms

A perpetual breeze dances across the ocean, flitting up and down coastlines, bringing with it the smell of salt and a taste of freedom. To me, this breeze is one of the joys of spending […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #3: Surviving the Gales of Life

The ocean is constantly moving, shifting back and forth against the shores of the world. Currents twine themselves through that sea of movement, maintaining their integrity in the face of a greater, sometimes chaotic force. […]

Proud to be Walking!

Today, when I drove to Wal-mart, I did not park in the closest spot. In fact, I giggled as I passed it by. That’s because I can finally walk! I’d always taken walking for granted, until I tore out my […]

Skiing Catastrophe

Well, I have to apologize that I’ve neglected blogging for so long. I tore out my ACL and meniscus (apparently essential knee structures) over the Christmas holidays and have been trying to keep up with […]