Savor the Moment

We all need to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the small moments of our lives. Otherwise, they simply pass us by in a numbing flood of color, noise, and sensation, and are […]

You Have More Faith Than You Think

Today I’ll be talking about faith – what it is, why it matters, and why you may have a lot more faith than you realize. This post is part of my Life Insights blog series. […]

Writing Update and NEW video and blog series!

Quick Writing Update Our author bios and pics for Forbidden Faith are submitted! Mechel and I have turned in ideas and themes for the cover blurb and are anxiously waiting to see what the marketing team […]

Title announcement and how it happened!

Many of you may know that my upcoming book just received it’s official title — Forbidden Faith. But you may be wondering how novels end up with their titles and who gets to decide. When […]

Press Release: New Book Coming out for R. H. Roberts and Mechel Wall!

So…I received some fabulous news recently. I was on a trip to Hawaii with my husband’s brothers and sisters and their spouses. Plus Grandma came along with one of her friends. We had a great […]