The Wild and Wonderful Ocean

R. H. Roberts Scuba Diving








Renee shares her love of the ocean in this interactive presentation, inspiring participants with a spirit of adventure and a desire to protect the fabulous world we live in. This demonstration is best for groups of 60 or less.

Includes the following:

  • Slides and Video from Renee’s SCUBA and snorkeling trips to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Roatan, Honduras.
  • Supplementary photos from other fascinating venues.
  • Tales of R. H. Roberts’ underwater adventures
  • SCUBA and snorkel safety information
  • Conservation facts
  • A hands-on display featuring a wide variety of shells, sea stars, a sea horse, and snorkel gear

Ocean Extras available here! 

Creative Writing Workshops






R. H. Roberts (Renee) teaches students how to craft powerful stories. Each Workshop includes up to six sessions and culminates in a class book featuring students’ work.

I: Mastering Story: Unleashing Imagination, Elements of Story, Creating Awesome Characters, the Rollercoaster Plot, and Workshopping.

II: Advanced Storytelling: Mythology, World-building, Character/Plot Development, Sensory Details, Dialogue, Story Clean-Up

Other Interactive Presentations

  • Secrets of Successful Writing
  • From Inner Poet to Poetry Slam

To participate in Renee’s workshops or arrange for her to speak, please contact her at

Inspiration photo credit: Alan Cleaver