Books and Stories


Kailani Veil and the Trident’s Curse

Twelve-year-old Kailani Veil has never explored the ocean, befriended the ghosts of sailors or tamed a mythical beast. All she knows is life on land as an ordinary girl with a too-talented twin brother. Then she discovers her family’s secret sea sprite identity along with the reason they left the ocean—vengeful rogue mages intent on destroying them and stealing the trident they guard. To save her family—and sprite civilization—Kailani must master her newfound magic, brave an ocean full of monsters, and learn what it really means to shine.

Now in the agenting process!   


Gypsy Moon

At age thirteen, orphaned gypsy Selena Shaman must choose to reverse the curse that destroyed her family and brings her endless bad luck or save her only friend.

The first draft of Gypsy Moon, a young adult fantasy novel, is underway.


Short Stories


Life as a Goddess

Life as a Goddess is available in Metamorphose magazine as winner of the fantasy flash fiction contest.








Soul of a Cheetah

Soul of a Cheetah is available to read (free!) in Sub-Saharan Magazine.



Picture Book


Jellica’s Gold

In this award-winning story, flame-haired, green-eyed Jellica feels out of place in her colorless town. But when troubles threaten her family, Jellica’s courage saves them, with a little help from her friends beyond the rainbow.

Jellica’s Gold is in the agenting process.