Top Ten Fantasy Flicks for Lazy Summer Nights

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer freedom. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some fantasy faves! Princess Bride—“As you wish….” Yep, that what’s DH should be saying. Avengers marathon. Thor. Lots of Thor. Star Trek: […]

Four Great Take-Aways from Seventh Son

Any good fantasy film ought to do more than just entertain you. It should whisk you into a new world, leave you breathless, bold, and believing you can rise and conquer in your own, all […]

Surviving the Deeps: How to Survive a Rusalka Attack

Our Surviving the Deeps guarantee: We provide the safest, most risk-free environment for deep-sea exploration, treasure-hunting, and monster observation. Please see exclusions below. Learning to resist Rusalka is vital for any undersea adventurer. When swimming […]