Fun Tips for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. Coastal cottages, castles, rainbows, and leprechauns (squeak!). What more could anyone want? Oh yeah…NO SNAKES. Due to its island geography, Ireland is a snake-free country. Wow. Unfortunately, a trip […]

Flashback to Christmas

I know, at this time of year, no one’s really thinking of the Christmas holidays. But an experience I had this season keeps coming back to me. I was at my son, Drake’s, elementary school […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #9: Hold fast

The sea teems with life, movement and change. What better place to celebrate the fourth of July? This year we joined some friends on their new boat to watch fireworks from a barge. We arrived […]

Valentines Day Zebra Box

Happy Valentines Day! This week, my daughter’s class is hosting a Valentines’ Box Contest. As you can see, she wanted to make a zebra box. This took us about a week for us to make and […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

My youngest son, playing with his food! Gobble Gobble…Happy Thanksgiving! Today I’m grateful for my family, good friends, a safe country to live in, sunshine, music, good health…the list goes on and on… What are […]