Family Camping Fun–Spooks, Pranks and Meaning

  As the weather cools, bugs all over the countryside run for cover. Unfortunately, so do many of us! What better time for us apex predators to trek out into the woods? No mosquitos to […]

Four Great Ways to Control Family Chaos

So, it’s pelican time here in northeast Oklahoma. Grand Lake is covered with the huge white birds. Flocks of them wheel across the sky, landing on the water, diving to score scrumptious fish. Any time […]

Woodland Wildflowers

As promised, here’s a picture of the purple weeds that carpeted my lawn this spring. They’re long gone now. But wildflowers have sprung up all over our woods. I love seeing the shifting face of the […]

Snow day–hooray!

Snow day, free day Sled day, fun,

Joy now

This morning as I jogged down our winding driveway, conflicts chased each other through my mind. Weighty matters such as politics or concern for my children vied against silly worries like what to make for […]