Bioluminescence: Gorgeous Glowing Sea Creatures

One of my favorite aspects of writing is imagining incredible experiences, like watching a glittering swarm of bioluminescent krill or glowing jellyfish pulsing through the sea. These amazing creatures featured in The Spark Mage: A Sea Sprite Adventure are […]

What to Eat Undersea

Surviving the Deeps returns today with a much-anticipated post about what to eat if you’re stranded (or visiting) undersea. The possibilities are endless, so we’ll focus on a few favorites for sprites and humans alike. […]

5 Things Never to Eat Undersea

So, you’re hiding  undersea. Maybe you’re running from some watery form of the mafia. Or a hammerhead shark. Or maybe, like many sprites and humans before you, you just like it here. But at some […]