Life Lessons from the Sea #19 Surviving a Whirlwind

Montego Bay, Jamaica A few weeks ago, I came home from a refreshing trip to Jamaica expecting a return to normalcy, ready to dive back into life with renewed vigor. Instead, I faced a whirlwind […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #17: Everything gonna be aaall right!

Montego Bay, Jamaica I’m in the Caribbean today, experiencing one of the thousands of cultures that thrive along the coastlines and islands of the world. It’s amazing the variety of lifestyle and beliefs that can […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #11: Ten Tips for Surviving Family Vacations

The ocean is a great place to build unity and trust. Even vacationers, swimming in the surf, keep an eye out for those around them. On a recent trip to Mexico with several families, we […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #10: Man-o-war stings and home remedies

Man-o-war we caught I love to go snorkeling. Sure, I swallow a bit of saltwater now and then. And the tossing sea sometimes make me feel like I’m gonna toss my breakfast. But it’s worth […]

Life Lessons from the Sea #2: Finding our way back home

‘I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied; And all I ask is a windy […]