Parenting Payday

Last year, my oldest daughter graduated from high school. I felt such a jumble of feelings I could hardly sort them out. Pride—well, of course. She’s done an amazing job. Shock—not that she made it, but that she’s old enough—where did all the years go? Fear—is she ready for the big, bad world? Sadness—am I ready to let my baby girl go?
Well, here we are again. Another year older, another year bolder. Tonight, at age eighteen, Amanda’s  graduating with her associate’s degree. Pride is the dominating feeling today. Although there’s still a thrill of fear. She’ll be leaving on a mission soon. A year and a half away from home. Possibly half a world away, too. We’ll find out where she’ll serve this summer.
I am so pleased with her choices and her hard work. I’m awed by her determination to reach her goals. Raising children isn’t always easy. It involves more blood, sweat, and tears than I’d like to admit. And prayers, laughter, and lots and lots of talk. Today is a payday, one of many to come, when I can proudly say, “That’s my baby.”
When have you found pride and satisfaction in your children? When has hard work finally paid off for you? I’d love to hear your stories.

  • It usually comes with Brigham. He has been my difficult child to raise and so when I see those moments that he is kind to his brothers, I think, “Wow, he is listening.” Those are the moments when it is all worth it, for sure.

    • I know. It is such a relief when you see that something you’re teaching is finally sinking in! We sure love our little rugrats!

  • Every time they gave 100% in whatever it was they is, be it school work, sport or whatever. Seeing both of them be kind and compassionate people, that makes me proud

    • Thanks for sharing that! It’s definitely gratifying to see your kids becoming responsible, caring adults!