The Berlin Candy Bomber

A few weekends ago, my family received a special treat. We got to meet the Berlin Candy Bomber. Apparently he and his squadron trained in our area. His real name is Gail Halvorsen and he’s […]

If Every Day Were Halloween

  It’s a fabulous time of year for fantasy enthusiasts–readers, writers, and watchers alike. Vampires, gypsies, and mad doctors lurk around every corner. I even spotted Sadness from Inside Out. And it made me wonder, […]

The Clicking of the Clock

On the low table by my bed lies a watch tick-ticking into my consciousness all night long. It’s a small thing, the whisper-soft click of a clock. A small thing that in the night silence […]

Top Ten Fantasy Flicks for Lazy Summer Nights

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer freedom. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some fantasy faves! Princess Bride—“As you wish….” Yep, that what’s DH should be saying. Avengers marathon. Thor. Lots of Thor. Star Trek: […]

You Don’t Need to Take First Place to Win

The first time I wrestled a cheetah, I ended up pinned to the floor with a hundred pound cat drooling on my face. Let me just note—eau de rotting antelope is not my favorite perfume. The second […]