Secrets of Successful Authors: Featuring Gregg Luke

I met Gregg Luke at the Johnson County Library Writers Conference in Kansas City this fall when he taught a fabulous class titled Writing White-Knuckled Suspense.  The class lived up to its name. In fact, Gregg […]

Secrets of Successful Authors: Featuring Jennifer McMurrain

I’ve met a lot of great writers over the past few years, warm, wonderful people who are willing to encourage others. They have so much to offer, both in terms of technique and inspiration. I’ve interviewed quite […]

Special Feature: Middle Grade Minded, a Brilliant Blog for MG Writers

I am thrilled to announce that I am now blogging for Middle Grade Minded. This is a blogging community dedicated to promoting writing craft for authors of middle grade fiction (fiction targeting the 8-12 year […]

Monsters and Why We Love Them

Do you love monsters too much? You’re not alone. Humanity’s fascination with creepy crawlies that murder and maim extends back to Biblical times – the Behemoth and Leviathan. Remember Grendel from Beowulf? He showed up about […]

Top Five Writing Tasks for Fall 2016

So here’s a quick update on my writerly life. Summer with seven kids at home massively derailed my schedule. No surprises there, although somehow it surprises me every year. Now I’m back scribbling away while […]