Inspiring Star Wars Quotes

With the coming of the New Year, many of us are evaluating our lives and considering the dreaded New Years Resolutions. Resolutions tend to freak me out, so I take more of a goal-setting twist. […]

Special Feature on the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers!

  We have a special treat today–a guest post from Emily J. Parnell, author of The Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers. This wonderful book keeps the magic alive as children come to understand the realities of Santa and […]

Look what came in the mail!

Hooray!! My issue of Metamorphose came in the mail! It turns out it’s more like a book than a magazine. My short story, Life as a Goddess, winner of the Fantasy Flash Fiction category, is the last […]

Life as a Goddess NOW AVAILABLE!

  The links to Metamorphose Magazine’s first issue are NOW LIVE!! My short story, Life as a Goddess, appears here as the fantasy flash fiction winner (Yipee!). Click here to order a hard copy or a digital version from Kindle. […]

If Every Day Were Halloween

  It’s a fabulous time of year for fantasy enthusiasts–readers, writers, and watchers alike. Vampires, gypsies, and mad doctors lurk around every corner. I even spotted Sadness from Inside Out. And it made me wonder, […]