Monsters of the Deep–Grimfosse

Small Funny Angry Monster Clip Art            A bald, long-faced grimfosse whisked by the mages, its black eyes glittering. It clutched a violin, playing madly. A smaller one with oodles of frondlike green hair, fiddled beside it. Kailey reached for her magic, concentrating to pull just the right amount, but as she flicked her hand, the creature shifted. Its violin spun away, a steaming scorch mark in the center.
           It hurtled toward her, claws outstretched, face contorted with anger. She tried to swim away, but the grimfosse latched onto her hair and scrabbled at her ears. She smacked its vicious hands, earning herself catlike scratches along her fingers and face. If her earplugs came out, she’d be at the mercy of their music. Through the flailing arms of her attacker, she saw more approaching, drawn by the shrill songs of the first pair.
Then, like a trickle of water, so gentle that she almost didn’t notice, music seeped into her mind. She reached to press in the loose plug, but the monster wouldn’t let her. Besides, why would she block out such lovely music? Lulled by the violins, she stopped fighting. She felt a sting on her neck. Another, just lower, as her gills closed. Through blurred vision she saw the other mages isolating a grimfosse. No one noticed she wasn’t breathing. No one knew that her gills no longer worked and her lungs were filling with water. She would drown, enchanted music ringing in her ears.

Who are some of your favorite monsters?

  • Oh my goodness! I didn’t know you had a blog!!!! You are such a good writer! Speaking of….how is that book coming along?

  • Oh, and my favorite monster would probably be my 4 Monster Boys…..David included! 😉

  • Alisa! I’m so happy to hear from you! Ya, I just got my blog up and running last month. My book is coming along pretty well. There’s a couple excerpts in my blog (this is one, the others are “Underwater fantasy Excerpt” and “A favorite character from my underwater fantasy novel.” I’ve sent it off to a few agents and am hoping for the best!

    Like you, my favorite monsters are in my family! 🙂