Practice makes perfect

Friday night, my hub and I took our family to see SIX, a men’s a cappella group in Branson, MO. Before we went, the kids announced that they’d rather swim at the hotel pool. When the show started, they quickly changed their minds as revving engines morphed into Boston’s “Don’t stop believin’.”
It was hugely entertaining. The six men (brothers) produced astonishing sounds using only vocals: electric guitar, trumpet, all kinds of drums, engines, horses, a storm. Their voices were incredible, too.
Near the end of the program, they talked some about their childhood. You might think that since they’re brothers, their talents came easy, genetic gifts requiring only a little polishing. Au contraire. While growing up, they practiced every day for hours—eight hours a day when there wasn’t school. Every. Single. Day.
So it is with anything worthwhile. Daily practice, or in my case, daily writing. A favorite quote of mine is by W. Somerset Maugham who said, “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”


What is your writing routine and how do you stick to it amid the whirlwinds of life?