Four Great Ways to Control Family Chaos

So, it’s pelican time here in northeast Oklahoma. Grand Lake is covered with the huge white birds. Flocks of them wheel across the sky, landing on the water, diving to score scrumptious fish. Any time […]

Savor the Final Days of Summer–Here’s How!

Today, on my morning jog, I discovered a tree, albeit a small one, brimming with red leaves. Not the dusky magenta ones that grow on Japanese maples and other ornamentals, but real, bright fall-is-around-the corner […]

Tips and Traditions for Amazing Family Reunions

Set the dates well in advance so family members can plan, scheduling off work and saving funds as needed. Sites large enough to accommodate a reunion must often be scheduled 6-12 months ahead of time. […]

Flashback to Christmas

I know, at this time of year, no one’s really thinking of the Christmas holidays. But an experience I had this season keeps coming back to me. I was at my son, Drake’s, elementary school […]

Christmas Shopping, Arachnid Stopping Warrior

Spider by bunnygoth flickr creative commons I know it doesn’t seem right to be talking about spiders with Christmas just around the corner. But I saw the Hobbit last night, which by the way, was […]